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The Journey.

Geetha Minton always wanted to design dresses but never had a reason  behind the want. She consistently had great jobs in IT and so continued to do that for years. But one day, during service at Crossroads Community Church in Cincinnati, Ohio, Geetha heard about different organizations that were helping rescued women who were in sex slavery all around the world. 

One of these countries was India, a place close to Geetha's heart. Coming from an Indian background, she understood that there were certain cultural roadblocks that prevented giving grace and forgiveness. This in turn hinders rescued women from integrating back into society due to being labeled untouchable. Instead of being chained to something unpleasant, Geetha was inspired to tie these women to something beautiful.

After discussions with organizations like Polished Pearl and Freeset, Geetha soon had a cause behind her desire to design. Then GKM Design was born. 

Geetha now creates dresses inspired by traditional Indian clothing that are light and easy to wear. These dresses are handmade, with fabric coming either from Asia or Europe. 

Currently, 10% of proceeds go to Fashion for Freedom to help rescued women both local and in India. The goal is to start a production company in Cincinnati and employ local survivors or women who are at risk of being a victim of human trafficking.  

GKM Design wants to give agency and beauty to women who have been told that they are worthless.


Our Dresses.

We create unique, hand made evening dresses inspired by traditional Indian clothing. Our light and easy to wear dresses are perfect for weddings, parties, events, or celebrations of any kind.   

Our materials are bought locally, from India, or from the UK. 

In addition, we offer custom services where we design pieces specifically for you.

Our goal is to employ women rescued from sex slavery to create our dresses. Every dress bought is one step closer to providing these women with skills, income, and a safe work environment.



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